Why Support NAF-IOLR?

Just as water sustains life, the financial support of the North American Friends of IOLR help sustain IOLR’s activities. In turn, IOLR’s innovative scientific work helps to sustain Israel and provides essential knowledge needed world-wide.

In science, translating a new idea into productive research takes time and involves risk. NAF-IOLR helps fund the seed projects that allow IOLR scientists to take risks and to begin to develop new ideas. Pilot projects that show promise can be developed into larger research efforts that attract support from major institutional sources of funding.

NAF-IOLR makes a difference in IOLR’s ability to innovate.  IOLR expands the frontiers of marine science.

How to Support NAF-IOLR

North American Friends of IOLR is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that relies on the support of individual donors and private foundations.

To make a donation, please send a check to:

North American Friends of IOLR

778 West Frontage Road

Suite 119

Northfield, IL 60093



Call us at 847-446-6925 or send email to “info (at)”.

Thank you!