North American Friends of Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research

Who We Are

Who We Are

North American Friends of IOLR (NAF-IOLR) provides support for innovative research in aquatic science at Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute.

One of the world's outstanding oceanographic institutes, IOLR advances oceanography, marine biology, limnology (lake science), and mariculture in ways that benefit Israel and the world.

NAF-IOLR provides resources that enhance IOLR's scientific capabilities. Join us and help make a splash in aquatic science. . Read More...

Research Updates

New IOLR Research Vessel R/V Bat Galim Goes To Sea

IOLR’s new research vessel R/V Bat Galim returned to the water in October 2015 after being worked on in dry dock in the Israeli Navy’s Haifa yard for nearly two years.

To convert Bat Galim from a naval vessel to a research ship, IOLR’s retrofit started in 2014 and is expected to finish this summer 2016.

Under the direction of Dr. Gideon Tibor, Marine Geophysicist at IOLR-NIO Haifa, the Bat Galim underwent extensive upgrading to make it a cutting-edge oceanographic research vessel with advanced instrumentation and capabilities to do geophysical surveys and high resolution bathymetry, among other things.


News & Events

IOLR Coral Expert Quoted on Gulf Restoration

IOLR coral expert Prof. Buki Rinkevich was quoted in a recent Associated Press article, “Uncharted waters: Restoring deep Gulf fouled by BP spill”, that discusses environmental restoration in the deeps of the Gulf of Mexico since the 2010 BP oil spill.

Asked whether coral reef restoration techniques used in shallow water environments could be employed effectively here, Prof. Rinkevich noted that restoration of deep-water corals is stymied by a lack of knowledge of their biology, and a lack of experience applying shallow-water techniques in the deep.